initially, exploration of the organism is the journey of individual, therefore is is crucial to ignite it with the most simple.

The identification of a user shall be fixed and defined by the documents, and personal profile is stored, reccorded and constantly updated to monitor by the kid, mentor or parent.

This is crucial because we seek to provide an educational journey, that lasts throughout early childhood stages and onward.

The nickname is something that user defines for himself and can alter throughout the journey.

The title, is the achievement selected from available completitions of challenging scenarios, that defined an individual at certain part of their journey.

The next, would be important to design a vessel that shall carry the mind of a user along the journey, it is an important fraction of the whole journey, and very a delicate matter for variety of reasons.

Prior to that, we start with the spectrum, as light is all we know, and absense of light is none to see.

The journey starts beyond the veil, and so our first lesson. Various colors are taught as well as their hierarchal formation, that leads into the wider range of colors then usually.

Interactive activities are initiated and the color that resonates most with a user, becomes the core, upon which the vessel shall be shaped.

At first, the color chosen by the player, as absence of choice shall destroy the user experience for younsters between 5 and 7 years of age. TBD

The basic grammar on a target language shall be introduced along vocabulary, slowly raising the complexity and detail of the information encountered, granting user certain mastery and expertise of an area of knowledge.

Mastering groups of data, following the hierarchy of knowledge, allows the predisposition of an individual towards certain selections to be defined.

They shall in terms decide the design of the vessel that shall alter itself along the journey.

Mutation is unique and shall fascinate and inspire the kid to experiment, fortifying thevmasteries.

For example, fable like mechanics of a kid growing throughout the journey. Rather then concentrating onaturity of a physical body, our agenda is the deeper. Point light

is merely most vague etherium shape that is yet to be forged. There are 7 chackras in the body, each resonates with the beam of light. Each of these centers not only define hormonal systems and glands of the physical body.

Each is also connected with progressive sets of positive and negative feelings that either define or affect our state, our faith and our fate.

Therefore updating the Karmatic footprint, by measuring the consequences of ones in game actions may be too much, but at least we can alter subsurface skin coloring and volumetric scattering of one's biofield.

While Learning units concerning animals evolved from the depth of time, alike the Spore mechanics, will allow user to define weird attacking abilities, as well as start designing the vessel.

The emissive core shall define the skin color,

Personal progression shall be visualized by the aura emission.

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Learning languages by exploring sets of environments, assembled from available assets in virtual industry and unreal engine.

start from the core layer and proceed onward progressively, branching into layers of detail, sub-types of an object.

Focus on exploring one environment at a time, load layers of scene as presentation occurs by toggling layers panel.

The environments and creatures populating it, are part of the Organism of Earth, and so is our bias - to explore the nature, using top tech.

Our target audience are not only early stages of education for native group but also foreign groups, being both private businesses in advancing nations, investing tones into mastering English, turning high profits for our Organization, alike China. As well as that, being a file enhanced by tutorial on how to use it, would be priority to develop ease of access and how to terms of use, on volunteering condition, starting development stages on the rich turf of Ukraine, completely for freechapter, therefore allowing us not only fortify our position our position, assemble best techniques and ideas for interaction, by equipping incoming volunteers and top life long mentors with most powerful tools.. But also earn our rank and reputation on the battleground, that shall in time, explain and reveal our true purpose - overlaying the visual aid, that shall be only simplified with time. Concerning public accessibility and availability of MR software, equipment and operators.

The best advantage of target system, is the fact, that is not biased to any existing languag. Meaning, we beta test volunteering using existing assists, we beta develop, in premium sector and alpha release globally, multilingual, since our data is an image, and meaning is just a matter of geo locatio.

Despite of graphical standards that we shall provide, being superb and beyond the market, the preparation costs of such a business model is fairly low.

At current stage, is nearly free, until we aquire enough attention to possess support and fuel funds towards developing interactive features discussed later in this chapter.

Prior to that, it is crucial to identify and explore features provided by Unreal Engine that is the foundation of this course and then, to connect with independant creators creators, on the Unreal Engine marketplace. Then we shall define the cost, explore and exploit the available produce, notify the developers and producers of our actions, and finally collect the ideas and facilitate the research of interactive tech, based on ideas assembled and thoughts to come. Organizing, referencing and voting each creation as well assmbling business structure and filtering the methodics on the forum section that will become public and serve as the last frontier before the tall submersion into 3DW.

Regarding Unreal, personally perceived, and initially mastered, due to being a asessinle set of tools, that enables visionary to assemble sets of images, initially targeted by the mind.

As well as that, it invests to. es into making 3d visualization and virtualization available for masses, by mentoring tutorials and generating available public resources..

The main page can be assessed on https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/

and the video resembles most accurately, the manner at which multiplayer exploration shall begin of the target environment.

Therefore to simplify the understanding of what is it we are firging, we must refine the lifelong works of David Attenburg, especially in Planet Earth series and Neil DeGrasse Tyson in Spacetime Chronicles.

Yet we start from 0 and end at 1, because our Path is our Past, and our Past is our Stars. Before we turn to dust.







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there was something common between those who arrived. Although each acquired different means, objective stayed the same.

Once the race discovered or was notified and so acquired proof of extra terrestrial life forms, they were able to solidify local conflicts and stimulate transcension of the masses.

To test the progress of the species and measure the advancements, they had to research all the range of tech that would enable the host zone to be constructed.

The device is bio tech construction, that depends on polarity of a planet, and is able to accurately simulate it within the quantum cyber, higher dimension, revealing it to the all.

that would allow all the other races who are members of the interstellar alliegens, bound the

to combat the advancement,

yet narrpwed within the hierarchy of power, that protects target organism from alien annihilation, by the law of all.