We are an International Organization of Individuals of various skill sets and


The common characteristic that unites us is our willingness to do something for our planet, that hosts the Organism, on its path through stars.

Our independent research, have traced the events back to our origin, the results retrieved the mysteries that stopped the atlantic.

Our debates have far suppressed the veil of known, that our ancestors have hit.

Our instruments, have filled the missing beauty, from stories of the Mortals

Visual tech allowed us to reincarnate the souls from the past, re-simulating core morals that shaped the world we lately see.

Our consciousness allows us to Act upon that Knowledge we acquire and filter only best, for future be.

Our Awareness can perceive the state of affairs Globally, and we can analyze the best outcome.

We have finally reached capacity to transcend our mind, breaking the bond of time, diminishing costs we pay to pass the space.

Cyber enabled every human being, on this planet, to be reached enabling instant resolution of any existing dispute.

Yet sins of the past are dominating the frontline, risking all to seize existence.

It has been two years since the outbreak of the most powerful virus that escaped the test tube.