Piece of code that will be able to visually connect relevant data within its hierarchy tier, as well as trace relevant upper and lower tiers of target data, dimming the intensity of the visual trace as the data branches.

Hierarchies of data are structured chronologically. Meaning that the relevance of interest, that is going to explore the past, the past and age is used as the coordinate that placed all the events in the history of human species as the chain of events that branch and evolve from each other.

Timeline being 2 dimensional flow of these events and can be stated within 2 dimensional manner, the raws of the excell, sheet or data tablet in UEV.

Data table workflow is main manner at which all errands of any public body is organized, on demand. For example products, services, employees, company sectors, targets, visions, and chains of production as well as historical locations that shall anchor our mind to re encounter strategic event occured throughout history of time, that is converted into - sub-simulation.

Hierarchies of data are organized on demand, meanuing that target driven or interest is defined and further narrowed by a procedural assembly of relevant strings of information. Initiallly search that we input into paltir-quantum visual search engine, navigation is orbit like manner occurs if surfing through different subfragments of same data class for example various environments of planet earth:




arctic etc.

Hense thet Planet Earth arranges and displays choices of our interest as well as their location in that point of history.

In order to visualizae the flow of time the scaling of the whole uniform simulation that contains all that information that human beings have accumulated so far and shall accumulate.

The observer of the palantir is merely looking into the veil that uncovers itsy myst based on the target the seeker inputs.

The data that is

information tier of different information or same information of the same ties. controlled Proceduraly distributed set of levels, defined within data table raws, based on the input data, the subdata and transition between them, the information is subdivided into the detail, as the time awarenes progresses through the historical achievements of human species, forming an anchor points to orbit our virtual lecture palace or multi - user space ship of awareness (Spacetime Odyssey - where Neil Tyson is a mentor).

However the interractive upgrade being multi user / viewer environment where the others viewer (later players when interractive modes are added) assembled in the matchmaking menu based on demand of interest of our institutions that use our product, while we are assembling the timeline.

Algorithm that takes the notes forom the players personal vocabulary vault, that got image, meaning and vocal attached in one slide, then takes all words learnerded, and alike (Chenese mastering app) takes all those data table raws, that store personal vocabulary in background and inputs them in a mixed manner into the quiz game (unreal proect), that randomly picks one word, playing personally vocalized scene with text, requiring to pick one of the available translations.

We will be sub dividing the awareness between the macro and micro layers of chemical structures that form the whole.

The final product would include the following features

Presentation process targets introduction of our planet, as a living organism, consisting of variou mechanisms. In a manner, enabling unveiled perception of the whole to be activated.

Presentation mode consists of runtime navigation between hierarchies of data, organized chronologically, from 0 - Past to 1 - Present.

These hierarchies are ssembled from publically accessible global library of visual assets - megascans library and bridge.

These assets are filtered out and small scene assembled within individual level (inability to tweak landscape within bp) that is labelled and accessible on the left side of the screen.

Selecting any of the option from the left menu loads relevant level, that is dedicated to that particular topic.

UI on the right, collects spectral analysis of a relevant scene and means to navigate between its spectral progressions.

At first, there will be range of enumerators, that attempt to layer down the planet, allowing interest groups to empower presentations. Sub dividing the planar body until sub atomic structure is revealed:



solar system






geo sphere









Therefore, the core challenge would be to set up successful transition between range of scenes that belong to same layer - hierarchy, declared in the data table procedurally.

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