"Education Procedure"

Education must be reassessed globally. Main drawback is outdated procedures. All information we have acquired from our ancestors is collected within a virtual field of information - Cyber Space. We are going to explore and enact that potential.

Nearly all existing data is collected and contained together. Any resources of the past, that evolved into modern sciences, that became the foundation for sciences of the present, are freely available to any one. Any question can be instantly answered or researched.

Ability of a seeker to operate and comprehend previously unfamiliar information and efficiency of one's research is important for advanced learners and heavily relies on the skill that was taught by institutional agencies progressively. The quality can be easily enhanced by sharing best methods within relevant networks, therefore inexpensive and achievable.

In the Education sector, the term refers to the length of time that a seeker must invest, into the search for an answer. From 0 to 1 - inquiry - result. Therefore, we must Focus the Eye on developing Workspace and tools that would accelerate operating capability, that would maximize our ability to operate data.

Initially the research procedure took place in the library and students had to extract unfiltered knowledge. Institutions proven to be more effective by specialized personnel - professors who identified key principles that would simplify the research and lift the veil of unclarity - answer questions.

Yet most masteries were passed down from our ancestors. What differs is the level of detail that the seeker is exposed to at certain stages of learning, which in turn, determines our capability to understand the nature of things.

Modern independent research occurs in front of the screen, and the library - database is accessible from anywhere, instantly. That brings us back to the issues identified earlier. The campus is outdated, cluttered and there are leaks flooding misinformation that negatively affects the learning journey, disrupting and cluttering the mind of the seeker.

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