Personal Dimension

Personal Dimension Contains User Profile, contains threads of interest, tracks personal progression along those interests, displays the level of progression,and outputs that level, of relevant mastery to be used in multi user match makings, challenges, missions, or any of the encounters between PvE terms of entry and PvP fair play conditions. Personal Space is to display any of the information, profession, related to the individual. Specific fragments, are drawn from the Source and connected. Two sides of the line, from The source to the ID connected, and position of this 'slider' is defined by level of progression along the mastery. Thin Laser thread that acts as a LED light, representing thread or string, reaches towards the Source. It can be further enchanced by adding a frequency lightning like path tracing, that can depict the rate of progression,between the Data Synapses or Progression/check Points. Therefore one the source links the anchor with mild fog scattering emitted by sygnals pulsating through the lightnings. Another Option to consider is using enlightment statistic of of the individual to light the area around it, and use negative emission - black color, to visualize the opposite side that connects Personal Dimension with the Anchor.

However, there is another aspect to consider that may alter previous variant. Personal Dimension will be externally observed - by visitors, by orbitting around the sphere. However, to stimulate ease of access, and accelerate transition between hierarchies of menues, in hololens or mobile AR devices that shall serve as controller to navigate between threads and layers that organize virtual profile, it would be easier to navigate those sectors that contain relevant 3D data fragments in old facionned 2D input methods. Swiping left and right to alter different threads of relevance. Swiping up and down to alter types of the same thread, and diving into the selected section, to examine detail - subsection or diving out to go back. Prior to five, preview section shell present number of points as lightbulbs and their emission and distnance from the parent, shall prepare user for the encounter and its complexity. Using mouse wheel or joystick or motion contolling will be easily adjusted to navigate between 3 transition types. It is crucial to eliminate latency and achieve smooth and silky transition by reaching the right curve to feel the local transitional dive. Accelerate the rate to concern the fatigue and sickness. The feel in a way resemble the safe lock mechanics. With suitable warping sound effect.

To organize the sections within initial 2D horizontal menu, it would be wise to attempt logical structure. Horizontal 2D 360 ring, can be encountered in Color wheel. We will attempt to construct 3D color sphere, by visualizing wave length of each of the vibrations, as they are fractured fractally, and unwrap along fibonachi division. But we must avoid to attempt it at all costs due to severe neural burnout. But its possible. Instead we use 7 colors and their characteristics to resemble progression along the spectrum. Threads Horizontal Notes or any data fragment encountered while research. Distributed within 360 color space. The more information one thread accumulates, the further away it gets from the core, the more intense are emissions.. The less information there is, the closer it is to the core, the lesser is the light power.

Layers - vertical Creation Sequence Sharing Sequence Section ​ Trait ​ 7 1 Identity, intro ​ characteristics ​ 6 2 Instrument, tools, technology, ​ skills ​ 5 3 Commerce, value, products. services ​ profession ​ 4 4 Warfare, competition, challenge, ranking ​ attributes ​ 3 5 Information, masteries, knowledge, past, ​ learning ​ 2 6 Awareness, present, analysis, ​ brainstorm ​ 1 7 Foresight, future, planning, ​ planning ​

Vertical layers shall present tiers of information to viewer. Means to navigate them as observer are to be discussed. Primarily their purpose is to present individuaI or statistics that resembe ID. To navigate as a pawn, threads and layers of 360 platforms shall be generated, containing relevant hierarchies defined in data table above. Identifying and collecting the labels occurs in pre creation stage, during character defining sequence. Therefore can be stoned in personalized set of data tables, that replicate hierarchies of data in virtual field of information , hiding deactivated possibilities. Controlling statistics itself , demands runtime altering of the statistics. Material or blueprint that accesses function filled with desired stats and inquires that function on event tick, can runtime after the code , the only challenge would be to save elevated variableIt would probably be best to develop methods that will overwrite data table , stoved on hard drive. Can further deduce that for competitive encounters, while visiting or competing or invading Personal Space of other user or group, we will be presenting or exporting personal presents to weight against the opponnent, and then importing the consecuense back, that would in terms alter the visual state of code as well and so on. However, the best multiplayer procedure is to be implemented and priority is reduction of lattency.

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