"Spaces of awareness"

There are 3 different spaces that we shift our focus on daily. Reality, Cyber, Astral are planes of our existence.

What about your kid? How many hours within 24 cycles do you spend in your portal?nHow many hours per each day, you spend in each realm? Can you treat them as different or the same from each other? Spaces you visit?

Imagination led me to see them as different spaces that required different navigation methods as well as skills to operate efficiently.

They teach us equally efficiently and fulfill our existence, on the primitive layer of understanding. Reality conceals our ass while our mind is able to wonder between locations that we can learn from and then share our path. Reality contains our understanding of the further two States of our existence.

Immagine, that Cyber is a field of information that we have generated as lll data can be accessed from your device. Progress visualizes data making it more real, which is irrelevant unless you count time. Cyber is a 4D environment that enables 3D beings who are governed by a target, to find an answer he seeks. Without a target, its potential and power that reduces or removes the cost of time, that has to be exchanged for the thought to path space. This is the core power that Cyber Revealed. It enabled us to bypass the laws of space time and simultaneously our thoughts can affect multiple places within our Planet.

Thirdly lets limit Astral to a space or activity where we can perform our conscious or unconscious imagining sequences. That mostly destroys us, but meant to empower. Our attention shifts between them. Astra, concerns reality where our ass is and so is bound to rules of space and time - to pass space we pay with time and so time is our core currency that we possess and must value. We may explore, master, use 6 senses. Cyber, is where our mind or attention or awareness is directed upon, once our ass is no longer a priority. Visualized environments may trigger fewer scenes yet we may master and explore and share. Time no longer defines distance in space.

Astral is a modern mystery but lets narrow it to the dream which happens either on personal imagination layer or external. Yet the data encountered may trigger most sense and be used to master and explore and share. Therefore these 3 are different states of our existence, spaces of operation or dimensions that we operate between on a daily basis.

Yet they are not the same shit, that's my point, mind, body and the inner government or part of the organizm. Our scope is limited to education which concerns any possible path to mastery that one targetts.

Project Unreal Universe, Psi Arc, Eye of the Void, began on 06 01 2019. Equipped with versalite knowledge given by the Crown, fortified by the East, that showed me all generations of children.

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