"The Age Preserves the Mastery"

Not sure whether they built it or targeted transcension into the quantum. What was left after Atlantis fell under the siege of the tide were the key to the tree of life, the hermetic seal, that guides the awareness of the seeker, unlocking the awareness to perceive the spectrum. The hexagonal shape, when assembled. reveals the 7 pieces. Fibonacci progression, that defines the beauty, like the steps, leading the seeker somewhere. The path is 2dimensional. It branches and so is the mind of a seeker that works through the passes. Fractured is mind by step, yet there lies the quantum. The image is the same, yet we scale everything we know to progress. We can get back, in the same manner - by scaling everything back where we came from. As long as we can record the position we were, we can stay on traterous track into the void. Or was it there, it all began? Only the spectrum allows to comprehend the journey. The light being a beam, consisting of 7 waves, each of which is shorter than the other. If we are to follow the path, it shall warp itself, yet shall it obbey the beauty. the light toes do not disappear, yet it stays together.the colors do not break away, they simply dive beyond the perception. The progression of the Cycle, the mysterious loop that, according to the laws of polarity, gets the seeker back to the start. Treacherous path, yet we master ourselves, our vision, our kingdom. Through gaining better understanding of the beauty that is, and the foundation that we forge preparing the dust, for the void to embrace.

Yet they failed to forge the organism and left to raise the barbarian races.

And they shaped the sciences that we have mastered.

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