Im a visionnary, that means i got something else that i forge, the nature of which alligns with the purpose of our existence, to progress.

The Business model that i accept, icludes all personal to be rewarded with best merrits and facilities to be equipped with following services:




For alll employers, and all employees, annual holiday that is paid of, is to be structured to meet globally every year in one of the camps, fascilitaded for child education, located globally and is different on every such an occasion.

Ofcourse every such an event shall fascilitate everything needed for adult hangout.

All costs are paid by the Organization. The length of such an event is uniform and follows the medium global standard of annual employees leave, plus few more days.

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Such an early age is impossible and least advised to grant access to a mobile device. However we are interested in teaching how to use it for educational purposes, since the early stages.

Prior to the age that allows independant operating of mobile device, mobile will be used in classrooms, whether is local classroom or randomly generated lobby / match / party scenario that connects available mentor with the study group globall.

The condition of the match is defined by selection of the interest, targeted by user, or follows a curriculum. Both are fine as target locations are various levels with empty space, that later shall be filled on demand, procedurally.

Professions were best resembled in World of Warcraft,

Greatest advantage is to enhance the link between image encountered that can be extremely precise and meaning that it resembles. That can facilitate vocabulary drillimg.

Throughout timeline, on certain eras, individual will be able to pick a profession, that emerged at that moment of time and proceed throughout various game modes, but enabled to interact with relevant encountered objectives, that shall stimulate mastery of that certain progression. This shall enable in depth examination of relevant hierarchies, relevant to various professions.

That as the long term result shall equip user with all the theoretical knowledge and past virtualized scenarios mastered through repetition and drilling. What's left would be providing accurate labels of those objects to facilitate neural connection.

The fact that megascans quartz was never extracted from the quarry, and that being single core argument against the expenses that are being covered anyway.

A unique heroic item can be forged on maximum mastery level, that would require craftsmen to forge it in blender or z brush. Then register is it as in game item, and replicated during PK or death accident, left for others explorerers of the dungeon to be able to receive it from the slayer or the boss responsible. Loosing the item will clone it, influencing the stats. dropped Registered as NFT, it can be 3d printed and forged in reality, and mastered as one of thy hobbies.

Let us later explore in detail list of professions and relevant collectibles.




chemicals compounds





raw materials






therefore mastering the profession allows core vocabulary to be fortified, by visual - verbal drilling. that is further enchanced by side activities that target exploration of background knowledge along its progression stages.

The progressive open mind crafting is best seen in fort nite, the only matter left is enchanced drop and present of the object, using upcoming mega scans library, assesoble through bridge in unreal 5.

new way of crafting shall vary across various professions, however they shall all seek to most accurately simulate the process and prepare the user for real world encounter, using best tools available.

The access would be

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The construction of the system heavily relies on the available assets, therefore this section contains list of creators that mostely aligned with our purpose. We shell examine how their content was used, what content we target to purchase and finally explore features we seek to implement as well as further research.

Multiplayer Game System by Raed Abbas

Have individual cameras on each of the platform's selections and have the buttons swithc between the choices with set view target with blend node, rather then one camera that records fixed toggle between available options

Etherlinker Blockchain

Epic Online System

Add EOS services, as well as server. For multiplayer interraction.